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    The African Safari Consultants Team is passionate about Africa. With collective travel experience that spans all corners of the globe, you can be assured that you are in good hands. Africa is one of those destinations that you really have to "know" how to get around. The team at African Safari Consultants has been tailor making holidays and exclusive safari experiences to the African continent for years.

    After a long association with our US partner, Jeff Ward in New York, our head office is now in Cape Town. With consultants working from  African shores, along with their long history and experience in putting trips together for American visitors, you'll find this to be the perfect  combination. It allows for superb service, relevant information, competitive pricing and on the ground experts to help you plan your perfect holiday.

    Below you get some insight as to where everyone has traveled, favorite destinations and learn a little about what drives the African Safari Consultants Team!

    Liesl Matthews

    Before discovering the wonderful world of travel, Liesl worked extensively in the event planning industry where she learned how to get things done in a pressure-filled environment. Seeing the pivotal role and bright future that tourism had in South Africa, Liesl decided to launch her own travel company.

    It grew, merged, and is now a thriving safari consultancy, which led her to the role as one of the managing partners here at African Safari Consultants. Throughout her 11-year travel career, Liesl has made it a priority to see and experience everything first-hand.

    She constantly receives inspiration from the people she deals with and the friends that she has made across the world. It's safe to say that Liesl eats, sleeps, and breathes travel! More about Liesl

    Favorite Destination: Botswana

    Neil Ratcliffe

    Neil was lucky enough to grow up in Southern Africa and travel extensively as a boy: family safaris in Kruger National Park, beach holidays on the whale coast in Hermanus, and trout fishing in the Drakensberg Mountains. Travel stuck with Neil, and his love of airplanes and the aviation industry turned into a marketing job for a small air charter company based in Cape Town. From there, Neil started helping out with his sister's fledgling travel company and eventually grew into the managing director. He's now the behind-the-scenes engine that ensures everything works properly here at ASC. Neilfs experience in the travel industry during his 10-year career is unmatched, and his love of travel, as well as sharing that love with others, is always evident.

    Favorite Destination: Sabi Sand

    Vanessa Ratcliffe

    Vanessa was lucky enough to travel extensively as a girl, including road trips with college friends across Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. She also spent a few years overseas in Europe and the United States. These trips instilled a love for travel and a deep understanding of what people want when they visit a country. Vanessa also had a desire to share Africa with the rest of the world.

    After a short stint in the advertising industry, Vanessa started freelance tour guiding. She developed some wonderful relationships with clients in the US who ultimately referred their friends and family. One thing led to another and eventually Vanessa started organising safari trips as one of ASC's managing partners.

    Vanessa's combination of experience and passion have made her a driving force in the African travel industry in her 15-year career. Just beware, because the moment you start chatting to Vanessa, she might convince you to never leave Africa!

    Favorite Destination: Namibia

    Lise Kargaard

    Lise grew up in Denmark, coming to South Africa 11 years ago on vacation. She loved it so much that she decided to stay! Just her luck, a Danish tour company was in need of a consultant and Lise was the only applicant to speak Danish. She landed the job and never looked back; thus began her long, successful career working in the travel industry.

    Her love of Africa is so apparent that she has now evolved into one of African Safari Consultants managing partners, aspiring to show the rest of the world what Africa has to offer. You will not need much convincing, but just in case, sit down and get to know Lise!

    Favorite Destination: Lower Zambezi

    Cameron Duncan

    Growing up in Botswana, Cameron developed a love for the outdoors and wildlife from a very young age. Family trips around southern Africa further engrained his love for the continent and it's inhabitants - human and otherwise. Now based in Cape Town, Cameron is passionate about music, writing and all things internet.

    Cameron joined the ASC team as Social Media Manager for African Safari Consultants so stay tuned and be sure to LIKE us on Facebook and read our Blog 

    Favorite Destination: South Africa

    Candice Petersen

    Candice is one of those lucky born and bred Capetonians! They are a rare find these days as Cape Town has grown so tremendously over the last decade.  There has always been a travel bug in her family - her grandfather worked on the Ocean so came home with stories from the faraway places. This inspired the 9 year old Candice to become a flight attendant. What better way to see the world!

    After finishing high school Candice successfully completed a degree in tourism. She joined Book Cape Town where she worked for 4 years before joining the African Safaris team. Flight attendant dreams have been put on hold for the moment as Candice has immersed herself into the tourism industry with gusto. A recent trip to the Kruger Park and a visit to Botswana, and with Mozambique as her next favourite destination to visit, Candice is getting to see a lot of Africa. 

    Besides hobbies like roller blading, Playstation and horror movies, her free time is spent playing strategy games like Black or God of War, Candice certainly provides an education for the rest of us!  She is one of the few people I know that actually ENJOYS mopane worms!

    Favorite Lodge in the Kruger Park: Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

    Ilze Fox

    Ilze spend time traveling and working abroad once she had finished her studies. Working in the UK and far off places like Taiwan gave her fantastic opportunities to travel and she explored the world as much as she could.

    As with a lot of us from South Africa, we eventually realize that we have an awesome country that we would love to come home too. Ilze is passionate about Africa and spends many hours making sure that all her clients are superbly looked after, and they get exactly what they were looking for.

    Ilze has been one of the lucky few to go and visit the Gorilla's in Uganda! She speaks so highly of this amazing trip and is a wealth of information about these endangered animals. Ilze loves the outdoors from hiking, biking and camping in the snow! (as her profile picture shows you!)

    Favorite Destination: Uganda

    Camille Rowe

    Born in Mazabuka - a guess to where that is! - Camille grew up on a farm in Zambia.  A true bush baby for her growing years she decided she needed to widen her horizons and see the rest of the world.  She left Zambia for the bright city lights of London, where she enjoyed a 10 year reign!
    When her long term South African boyfriend proposed to her, they decided it was time to head back to South African shores to settle.  But this was not before a 6 month honeymoon backpacking around South America, Australia and New Zealand.  This is when the travel bug bit and Camille realized that she would love to be involved in the industry.  Returning to South Africa with "Born in Zambia" on her passport gave her immediate status in the Zambian field - Camille has enjoyed planning many clients trips to incredible destinations throughout Southern and Eastern Africa.
    Her fastidious attention to detail, super organizational skills and love for Africa shines through.  Zambia is always going to be top of her list - with South Luangwa her favorite destination.  Spending time on Lake Kariba, relaxing on a house boat with family and friends is also a firm favorite! 

    Favorite Destination:  South Luangwa 

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