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  • Children in the Wilderness

    Children in the Wilderness is Wilderness Safaris' most successful local community upliftment programme. Rural children who live near parks, reserves and camps are hosted at various camps and taught the importance of conservation. The facilitators are very hands-on and have devised wonderful, innovative ways to open the minds of the children, increase their self esteem and inspire them to be good future custodians of the wildlife areas in which they live.

    Wilderness Safaris is a big organization and so people are a vital part of the organization as well as the future of sustainable eco-tourism in Africa. There are approximately 2 800 staff members across the seven countries, 85 per cent of which hail from neighbouring communities. The children of these communities are part of a well run programme that aims to expose them to their natural heritage and equip them with the necessary skills to realise their potential.
    Each region has specially devised programmes depending on the needs of both the communities and the environment.

    Wilderness Safaris, Botswana

    Botswana is home to some of the most unspoilt wildlife sanctuaries on the planet - the Okavango Delta, the Savuti Channel, the Linyati and the Selinda offer the most authentic wildlife experiences. Botswana is a sparsely-populated country about the same size as Texas. It is a country of extremes...from the vast salt pans of the Kalahari Desert to the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta.

    Wilderness Safaris, Namibia

    Namibia is a country of ancient desert landscapes, strange plants, fascinating desert wildlife and an interesting mix of cultures. Wilderness Safaris have a selection of sensitively built camps in carefully chosen remote locations such as Sossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast and the Etosha National Park. For all its apparent harshness and extremes, Namibia is a surprisingly easy country to visit.

    Wilderness Safaris, Explorations

    Wilderness Explorations is the mobile-tented safari arm of Wilderness Safaris. Each journey is carefully designed to get up close to the most secluded and off-the-beaten-track wildlife locations, mostly in private concessions where guests won't see any other people. Set departure Explorations are planned to explore a range different regions and ecosystems during optimal times of the year.

    Wilderness Safaris, Adventures

    When Wilderness Safaris was a young start-up conservation organisation back in the early 80s, the original pioneers of Wilderness Safaris established tented camps in prime sites in collaboration with local communities. Today they operate a wide selection of adventure camps across Southern Africa where the safari experience has retained its 'back to basics' feel and the emphasis is on spending quality time in touch with nature, participating in camp life and learning from the local communities.

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