When I left the Natal South Coast on Sunday they were in the process of closing all the beaches.  This is done so that the shark nets can be lifted making way for the annual sardine run.  I did a post on the Sardine Run a couple of weeks ago.  It’s good to see that all the action has started – so now it’s a flurry of activity on the Southern Natal Coastline with millions of sardines, sea birds, sharks, dolphins and loads of other large game fish!

Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town where sharks are often spotted

The southern cape coast is a haven for the Great White Shark at the start of Winter.  April through to October is a very popular time for “Shark Spotting” which has become a highlight for any visitor to Cape Town and its cool Atlantic shores.   It is as much of a highlight for a Cape local as a foreign visitor!  Having been privy to a Great White Excursion I know what it is all about.  I was asked if I would like to be on the boat or in the cage – how brave do they think I am?  There is not a chance I would get anywhere near these awesome creatures of my own accord.  So I opted for the boat – and it was the best decision I have made in a long time!

But this is an adrenalin rush of note, so for those junkies out there – wow – I don’t think there is a lot that measures up to witnessing these massive predators at such close range.   You are fully protected by the cage so there is no chance of the shark getting “to you”.  But jeepers they do get so close, and have been known to bump into the cage too.  Luckily this is an activity that can be done without any special qualifications – just a lot of guts!  So you don’t need to be a licensed diver or world class swimmer.

Cages for the Great White Diving - see how close you get!

For me – being on the deck of the boat and seeing these predators from above was all the adrenalin rush I needed.  They are so fast, lightning fast, you can’t believe how quickly they move through the water, and how quickly they just appear.  Their prey really doesn’t stand a chance.  They have been known to leave the water at speeds of 40km/h!  I think if I saw that coming towards me, even with the security of the cage, my little heart would jump and run!

Chat to us if this looks like something you want to add to your vacation!

The full scale of the Great White Shark