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The Rhino Poaching Crisis: Colin Bell talks Statistics and Solutions

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Over the course of the last two or three years, the plight of African rhinos has become an issue of international concern. With Eastern demand for rhino horn products seemingly ever increasing, the numbers of rhinos poached annually is skyrocketing to potentially fatal levels –but what is actually being done about it? The Southern African Read More

The Great Migration – New Twists in the Tails

The Great Migration – otherwise known as the greatest spectacle on Earth – is an annual phenomenon whereby between one and two million wildebeest and zebra migrate from the northern Serengeti to the southern Serengeti in order to follow the life-giving rains and abundance of food. The migration is a massive drawcard for Tanzania and Kenya Read More

Dereck & Beverly Joubert win Outstanding Achievement Award

Dereck and Beverly Joubert are rightly regarded as being amongst the leading conservationists in the world. Having started out as photographers nearly thirty years ago, the Jouberts have become leading proponents of sustainable tourism and conservation in their beloved Africa. Renowned filmmakers, their films have touched the hearts of millions of people around the world Read More

The Landmark Foundation


A week or so ago, we at African Safari Consultants (ASC) were fortunate enough to chat with Dr Bool Smuts of the Landmark Foundation – a South African NGO dedicated to building South Africa’s conservation economy so that it’s natural landscapes can be more effectively conserved.  The paragraphs that follow are from notes made during Read More

Safari Icons: Dereck and Beverly Joubert

In this instalment of our Safari Icons series, we take a look at the world-renowned Husband and Wife conservationist/photographic team – Dereck and Beverly Joubert. Veterans of the industry, with over 25 years experience, the Jouberts were recently honoured with their appointment as National Geographic Society’s “Explorers in Residence”. Having worked in some of Africa’s most remote Read More