East Africa – Do we fly or do we drive?

In many ways East Africa is ‘the’ real Africa.  No matter how many wildlife documentaries you’ve watched or glossy images you’ve seen, nothing prepares you for the real thing. There is so much on offer to absorb and experience, iconic landscapes, bewitching beasts and birds… thoughts drift to boundless savannahs dotted with hordes of grazing Read More

The Heavenly Delights of Helshoogte Pass

If there is one stretch of road worth driving more than any other in the Cape Winelands I would have to say it is Helshoogte Pass – the windy mountain pass linking the historic oak lined university town of Stellenbosch and the fertile Banhoek valley leading into the French Huguenot town of Franschhoek. Not only Read More

The Zebra: One Of Africa’s Most Beautiful Creatures

Did you know that when a herd of zebra merge together their stripes make it almost impossible for predators to single out an individual animal? And that a zebra’s stripes are not unlike the identifying fingerprints of humans in that they are totally unique to each animal? As tens of thousands of zebras are at Read More

Chem Chem: The Ultimate Tanzanian Safari

More than ever these days, luxury travel is measured not in how many art galleries you can visit in a week in Europe, but in how completely you can immerse yourself in nature (along with everything you’d need in terms of comfort, service and exclusivity of course!) Guaranteed to entrance and enthrall you as much Read More

The 7 Most Romantic Beach Getaways in Africa

What is more romantic than a stroll down a perfectly white beach with not a soul in sight and the waves crashing at your feet? Africans have a deep affinity for a love story. At many places in Africa (from restaurants to safari lodges) when the staff get wind of a honeymoon couple or a Read More

New Look Shinde Camp

Those that have spent some time in Africa will know that it is a continent replete with settings that call for flowery words. “Stunning”, “breathtaking”, “awe-inspiring” are but just some of the terms that are expressed about locations by holiday makers when sighting some of the myriad tourist destinations on offer in Africa. One of Read More

Our Top 5 Safari Lodges With History

The continent of Africa has attracted curious travelers for many years. In the old days, people visited her purely for big game hunting and to mine diamonds and gold, but nowadays visitors flock to Africa to experience its unique wilderness, wildlife, and impressive landscapes, to capture animals (especially the Big Five) on photographic safaris and to Read More

Our Top 10 African Thrills

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Adrenaline-pumping adventure activities are not everyone’s cup of tea. But surveys show that travellers to Africa often find themselves tempted to indulge in some sort of heart stopping African adventure, be it something mellow like canoeing past a pod of hippo in the Lower Zambezi to something more extreme like abseiling off the top of Read More