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Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city and a veritable melting pot of cultures. Dubbed the gateway to Africa, ‘Josi’ is the financial hub of the country with its international OR Thambo airport being the largest in Africa. Flight schedules and safari transfers often require our clients to stay overnight in the City of Gold at some point in their itinerary. Johannesburg is not only one of the fifty largest urban agglomerations in the world it also has an estimated six million trees and plenty of parks and gardens making it one of the greenest city’s around. The Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the Johannesburg Zoo are popular destinations.

Soak up some of South Africa’s unique history and garner a true appreciation for the miraculous rainbow nation. Visit the Apartheid museum, the leading museum in the world dealing with 20th century South African history, which features temporary and permanent installations sprawled over seven hectares guided by a multi-disciplinary team of curators. Take a tour of the vibrant neighbourhoods of Soweto and enjoy lunch on the historic Vilakazi Street where you can visit the former homesteads of Nobel Peace Prize winners Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

Johannesburg is famous for its Afro-centric creative spaces from avant-garde art galleries to bohemian suburbs like Mellville and luxuries shopping and live/work precincts such as Sandton and Melrose Arch. The city plays host to a wealth of theatres, live music venues and prominent cultural landmarks with the Newtown precinct being a firm favourite for those seeking out breath-taking entertainment.

Johannesburg has a wide array of accommodation options with glitzy hotels and spas (including airport hotels for layovers) and plenty of comfortable guesthouse to meet any and all expectations. We have an extensive team of reliable ground handlers to guide you as and when needed.


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