Lake Naivasha and Nakuru form part of the Great Rift Valley Lakes. There are 4 of these alkaline lakes in the area. Due to the alkaline waters the lakes are a huge source of food for thousands of lesser and greater flamingoes that feed in the shallow waters.

Sometimes there are so many flamingoes it is all you can see and the lakes look like they are covered in a carpet of pink! The area is a great stop over en-route to some of Kenya’s better known National Parks. It is very scenic and most accommodations make use of the panoramic views and landscapes.

Lake Nakuru is a more favored home for the Flamingoes and Baboon Cliff offers an excellent view. The birds do move so please check with a consultant before making final arrangements. Lake Naivasha and Nakuru are surrounded by National Park so are a wildlife destination too. Lake Nakuru is home to the critically endangered Black Rhino and has other big game like the Giraffe, Lion and Leopard.


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