Forming part of the huge Chobe National Park is the Savute Marsh and the Linyanti Marsh areas. The Savute is found in the Western part of the park, and the Linyanti just north of Savute in the northwest of the park. Remote and uninhabited, if you can fit this into your Botswana Itinerary you are in for a very special and rare experience.

The Savute Marsh is the remains of a large inland lake which through tectonic movements had its water supply cut off a long time ago. The marsh these days is fed by the Savute Channel, which dries up for long periods and then miraculously starts flowing again. In January 2010 the channel started flowing again, the first time since 1982. As a result of this erratic water supply the wildlife and scenery is particularly dynamic.

The more remote Linyanti Region is one of those secret places that not many know about! Woodlands, lagoons and flood plains, here you find large concentrations of Lions, Leopards, antelopes, hippos and of course huge herds of African Elephants.

Accommodation in these areas is some of the finest in Botswana. Due to the remote location you are guaranteed a pure wilderness experience.

Kings Pool Camp operates one of the most exclusive experiences in the area. Duma Tau Tented Camp also found in a private concession of the Linyanti. The Camps are generally small and intimate. Savute has some equally impressive accommodation options with Camps like Savute Elephant Camp or Savute Under Canvas run by &Beyond. This is an ideal destination for your Botswana Honeymoon.

The dry winter months are considered the best time to visit. The annual Zebra migration is an impressive sight with plenty of predators following!


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