Mana Pools sits on the southern banks of the mighty Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and is named after the Shona word for ‘four’ as the area has four large pools, or ox-bow lakes, which lie inland and which once formed part of the river. Long Pool is the largest pool and at six kilometres long and is home a large number of hippopotamus and crocodiles and other marine animals. The area is a designated Ramsar wetland and its 2,500 km2‘s of river frontage bulges during and after the rainy season as the area turns into a broad expanse of algae filled lakes.

The area is famed for its remote wilderness and is one of the least developed National Parks on the continent. Visitors will be swept away by the spectacular views of the river, flood plains and the towering Zambezi Escarpment.

Although Mana Pools is smaller than Hwange it is equally as endowed with large amounts of game which are fee to move between Zambia, Kariba Dam and the Mozambiquan border.

The thick lush vegetation which surrounds the pools and wetlands are teaming with birdlife and the banks of the river attract a host of animals including elephants, water buck, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, buffaloes and monkeys. The Mana Pools area is ideal for walking and canoeing safaris.A combintaiton of the fact that the animals here are used to seeing people on foot and the fact that the local guides are highly experienced and passionate and talented at imparting their local knowledge, means that you’re ensured of an authentic safari .


Camille Rowe


About "Mana Pools"