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Namibia is one of the most photographed countries in the world! Sossusvlei Lodge is a highlight of the Namibian safari experience. Wedged between the hot Kalahari Desert and the cold Atlantic Ocean Namibia possesses the highest windswept dunes in the world, ruggered canyons and mountains, vast desolate deserts, unique game viewing, wild coastline, German influenced towns and an array of local cultures.

The second most sparsely country in the world, Namibia has a local population of just over 2 million people. Geared to tourism the country is a travelers dream. Easy fly-in Safaris to top destinations, authentic luxury mobile African safari tours, super family friendly accommodation and activities, all the romance you can dream of for your African honeymoon and on a par with South Africa as one of the greatest self-drive destinations in Southern Africa.

Browse some of our suggested itineraries or be your own guide on some terrific self-drive itineraries. The highlights of Namibia safari tours form a magic circuit. Starting in Windhoek and moving to the ancient red dunes of Sossusvlei, onto the coastal town of Swakopmund, through the unforgiving Damaraland, and ending with the wilds of the Etosha Pan. This Namibia safari circuit can be done in either direction, and can take you a few days or a few weeks. The gravel roads are in good condition which makes it an easy self-drive destination. You can chat to our consultants who can advise on car types and driving times. Or they can assist and plan your perfect Namibia safari itinerary.

The most popular time to take a Namibia safari is generally the cooler winter months June to November. It is a good year round destination although it can get very hot in summer during the day and this is also the wet season. The Namibian landscape completely regenerates itself during and after the rains giving you another reason to take more than one Namibia safari tour!


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