Born from the collective commitment of its four founders, Dave, Colin, Jen and Garth, Natural Selection was expertly evolved by these former bush guides from effective non-profit to high-impact commercial safari company, with commercialisation amplifying their conservation klout.

From effortlessly reading the bruised clouds on mirage-shimmering horizons, expertly decoding the surrounding symphony of night sounds to identifying lions, elephants and leopards on a first-name basis, Natural Selection’s guides plant seeds of inspired earth-kindness in the hearts of their guests who take them back home as living campfire stories, igniting imaginations to also make a difference through transformative travel.

As tenacious as their commitment to conservation is, so is Natural Selection’s extraordinary devotion to creating the most exquisitely unique safari experiences for their guests, imbuing the silently sublime sense of awe and adrenaline-pumping adventure of safari with a particular infusion of fun that is reputed only to be had at a Natural Selection camp! Each one of their camps is unforgettably unique, at every level. Every camp, designed to harmonize with their surroundings, is run by a different partner whose individuality paints the camp with its very own colors, embroidered with distinctive details which set it completely apart, offering a true life-enhancing experience, deeply and forever connecting you to the exhilarating diversity of its wildlife, allowing you to hear both the ancient heartbeat of the land and the humbling joy of the local communities!

When guests choose Natural Selection, their stay is guaranteed to profoundly contribute, in both the immediate and long-term, to Natural Selection’s uncompromising belief that ethical safari tourism is the ultimate vehicle for driving the preservation, regeneration and conservation of Africa’s most spectacularly untamed spaces. Botswana’s abundant waterways, waded through by herds of elephants and leaping lechwe are a powerful contrast to Namibia’s red-burned dunes, shipwreck skeletons and desert-adapted wildlife. So wherever you choose from their diverse destinations, the golden thread running through the Natural Selection story is this: you will fall in love with the wild heart of Africa, experiencing its spectacular creatures intimately and unforgettably, untaming your heart – one breathtaking encounter at a time.



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