We want to let you know just how much we enjoyed our vacation and appreciate the quality of service we got the entire time.
Most importantly, every day was breathtaking and brought a new experience that surprised and intrigued us.   That was the ingenious part of the sequencing of the trip you put together as each segment seemed to build onto the prior.   We would not have been ready for the Zambia portions until we had experienced Botswana (with a much needed break in between) and even in-country, each camp seemed naturally to flow from one to another.   As we arrived at Chiawa Camp, we thought, “What else could we see,” and were amazed and delighted with the river safaris and the creative dining experiences there.

Traveling for 3 weeks in Africa is bound to have some challenges and logistical problems.   We had none.   Sixteen flights, seven stops, I don’t know how many transfers – everything was perfect.  The food and hospitality at the camps were incredible.  In particular:

Cape Town – Charlie blew us away with his knowledge and careful planning. A perfect intro to South Africa.

Xakanaxa Camp – Baams, our guide got us into the spiritual aspect of being on Safari, and the animal variety was fantastic!

Savute – Lucky was our guide, and he really impressed the boys with his tracking and we saw amazing lion scenes.

Royal Livingstone Hotel – Loved the Island tour (Though we suggest they overhaul the lunch and dinner menus.)  Magnificent property.

Chindeni Bushcamp– Amazing property, really enjoyed talking with the manager, James.  Peter, our guide was the family’s favorite.

Chamilandu Bushcamp – Joe’s personal favorite of ALL, loved everything.

Chiawa  Camp – See comments above.

All of the camps we surprisingly responsive to our dietary needs, especially in Zambia, where the worked really hard to make great food that was diary-free (Chiawa did the best with the amazing chocolate desserts!).  Zambia really captured our hearts.

My head has still not left Africa even after 6 days.  I took 4000 photos and have begun to narrow them down.

We will definitely be sending you other customers as we share our enthusiasm for Africa and are committed to return ourselves.

With much appreciation,

Joe and Meredith