Hi Liesl,

Been dreaming about the trip to Cape Town since getting back. Anyhow a quick note to thank you for all your assitance. It was really invaluable. Also, thought I’d pass on a few thoughts on the arrangements that you might find useful in the future:

1) Dock House – we really enjoyed the suite. It’s HUGE!! We keep waiting for a family of 5 to move in with us! We didn’t miss not having a water view and found the room and bath very comfortable. Craig, the manager really took care of us and it was easy to see the advantage of staying in a small property in terms of invividualized attention. One day when we faced a cancelled shark cage Craig got us on a township tour literally within 5 minutues which was great. The amenities like the pool are OK. The gym was small, but didn’t use. I wouldn’t put someone there that wanted a place with a lot of amenities. We took breakfast in their sister hotels which was really nice and broke things up a bit. Both breakfasts were good and ample. We liked the evening turn down service and homemade sweet left by the bed. We used the spa and would also give that an OK. We did a mud treatment and we thought they were stingy on the mud. We also had pedicures and thought those were good. It’s not a luxe spa. In terms of location we really enjoyed having the convenience at the beginning of the trip to enjoy the waterfront. Would not want to spend more than we did there, but was fun and always had a buzz. it was great to just walk out the door and be there.

2) The Bay Hotel – we enjoyed the sunset/sea view. We thought the room could have been a little fresher. We had the sense it’s had a lot of hard use over the years. Breakfast was great! Such a beautiful room. We found the staff lackluster. The pool bar guys were on a different planet. Huge wait for a simple drink. If you had guests that had high service expectations I wouldn’t put them there. the location of the hotel was good for exploring Camps Bay. Randeep used the spa and the woman was late and then forgot one of the treatments. Sort of the theme with that place. Though the breakfast room staff were good.

3) Meals – We really liked Baia, the lunch at Harbour House in Kalk Bay (that was tops for me) and our last lunch at Tokara (at first we had vineyard envy after seeing De Graaf, but then felt our experience was better). We did one really touristy evening – to a place called Golds – and enjoyed ourselves. Food good and we thought the entertainment top notch. We also had a great chat with the manager. And, oh, Codfather was an excellent suggestion. I loved the concept. The setting could be more attractive, but delicious food tops it.

4) Sightseeing – already gave you my review for our trip to Cape Point. Our guide was great. We were treated very well. We never got up Table Mountain due to the winds, but found a guide through dock house for a hike up Lions Head which was excellent. (guide was OK ). We went to the botanical gardens which were gorgeous (our lunch there was also v good). What a setting! We went to Old biscuit Mill market on Saturday morning and had fun seeing all the hipsters. I’m glad we did the township walking tour – though Craig had discouraged it. The tour service was OK. Tokara was OK. We had a guide take us on a tour of the olive oil production. Lunch was the highlight.

5) Transfers – except for the first hiccup, all others there when they needed to be and were pleasent. On the last day the driver stayed with us which was unexpected, but nice in terms of schlepping bags.

I think that covers everything. It was a five star trip. I’m so glad I did it.

thanks again.