Hi Camille,

We never thought that you could have topped our previous excursion to Africa, but you certainly have with all your hard work on our behalf for these new & incredible adventures !!

We are presently taking a little breather today at the Kitela Lodge which has knocked our socks off !!! After being in the parched landscapes of Kenya & Tanzania we are dusty & rusty from all the red soil we somehow emerged from the Crater yesterday into a tiny tropical rain forest covered in all sorts of colourful flowers & fauna … Our little piece of heaven here faces the rim of the Crater and we are thoroughly enjoying our deck with views to die for !!

Every place you have chosen for us has been diverse with their own specialities and each one has amazed us ! We have seen so many wildebeests & zebras on the migration that we think our little brains are going to explode … tee hee… The sheer abundance and variety of the wildlife everywhere is almost overwhelming … in the best way possible !!!

Our excursion to the floor of the Crater yesterday was surreal and we are so grateful to have been lucky enough to have had the chance to immerse ourselves in such a magical place !!!

We can’t believe how quickly our time has flown knowing that we only have a couple more stops before we have to wing our way home …sigh….

Hope you aren’t being over run at work and again Many Thanks for another lifetime of memories!!