Our vacation was spectacular. All arrangements went smoothly with an upgrade @ Le Quartier Francais. We enjoyed Charlie. he was both informative and pleasant as well as always on time.

Grootbos was better than expected the Forest Lodge was better than the Garden Lodge. The people there, especially Clayton and Eban, were special. Our whale trip was a bust but Clayton took us out to see both the town and young whales frolicking close to shore. This more than made up for the boat sighting. Eban, the somelier, took us on a tour of the wine country in the valley behind Grootbos. The wineries there were scenically spectacular and the wine tasting good.

The Winelands were interesting but Grootbos took the scenic edge. The tasting was ok and the setting @ 1 of the wineries, also a Chateau & Relais (Delaire Graff) was particularly good and the owner’s landscape animal sculptures terrific.

We received a good education on your ethnic history and issues both from our guide in Joberg, the trip to the townships in Cape Town with the guide you arranged, conversations with Clayton who took us to where he is living with his grandparents in a “colored township” next to Grootbos, as well as with the black and white rangers on safari. Both of our country’s have a long road to go.

We arrived home to freezing weather, this morning it was 20F with today heating up to 0C. fortunately all else was good – now we have to shed some of the luxury lbs we absorbed.