Hi guys –

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for putting our trip together. We had the most amazing time and truly couldn’t have done it without you.

Liesl, all of your knowledge and hard work means the world to us.  We had the most unforgettable experience at Dulini.  The people were so kind and accommodating and just the best.  Our Ranger & Tracker knew the answer to all of our questions.  Iain, one of the owners even lent me his telephoto lens for my camera for the entire time we were there.

And Cape Town was so much more than we ever expected.  It really is an incredible city!  And Charlie, he was the best tour guide ever.  Like seriously.  We had the best time with him and he just knew so much!  He kept us entertained and we learned a ton!

Thank you so so much for making our honeymoon what it was.  We really had such a great time and there is no way any other trip we ever take will ever compare.  it was just so good.  We will have these memories forever!