Hi Camille,

First, I want to thank you so much for organizing everything to perfection. We had a fantastic time and have a lot of great long lasting memories.

As promised, here is a summary of my experience.

Hemingways Nairobi was great. It was very relaxing and is a great property. We wish we had rooms with common door. Overall, it is a very nice place and we did enjoy our stay. We loved both our trips to elephant orphanage as well as the Giraffe center. One small issue we had was that the lady that was supposed to receive my family at the plane in Nairobi was late, but claimed she couldn’t find them. They finally met at the baggage claim.

Angama Mara was absolutely fantastic. Great property with a fantastic view and the service was outstanding. The safari was great given that it was the peak Migration season. I do not know why it was not rated higher on TripAdvisor. We were lucky enough to see a river crossing. We did take the balloon ride and we felt it was not worth it. We would have needed a lot of luck to spot something from the balloon.

Singita Faru Faru was simply out of this world. Our two bedroom suite was the best hotel accommodation we have ever set foot in. More than that, the safari was very very intense and it was a very private since they owned the reserve and would go off road as needed. The views from the property and the sight of animals visiting the waterhole by the lounge was simply amazing. The chef pampered us thoroughly. The kids are truly spoilt after the experience.

There was a small issue at the Faru Faru. We couldn’t sleep well at night since the nights got windy and there was something in our structure that was possibly loose, causing loud banging noises along with the normal creaks and rattles. The banging part was a little too much. We did complain, but they couldn’t find anything. Unless they sleep in there, they wouldn’t know. Apparently, we were the first ones to face that.

I will close it by one great experience. We went on a walking safari one morning at the Faru Faru. Our guide missed a buffalo who was standing in the shade of a tree. The Buffalo charged us and the guide actually loaded his gun and was ready to shoot him down while trying to evade him at the same time. Luckily, the bull changed his mind at the last second and changed his direction, but kept on looking back at us. Surreal!

We are not looking forward to our long flight back home.