Howzit Ilze,

The trip was fantastic.  I cannot thank you enough for making all the arrangements: everything was perfect.  Ilios Travel was great, their drivers were on time, helpful, etc.  The driver who took us back to Jo’burg on Sunday was wonderful: we talked the entire 3 hours back and had a great time.  They really added a personal touch to the journey to make us feel welcome.

Mhondoro Lodge was amazing.  It is a beautiful lodge and the staff were amazing as well.  The food, the trips, the service: enough cannot be said about how perfect everything was done.

Mhondoro’s tunnel to their “bunker” at the watering hole is a brilliant idea.  We were so incredibly close to the animals you could hear them drinking the water!

And the lodge was only 1 part: the drives themselves were amazing.  We saw cheetah on our first night, and lions on both Saturday and Sunday – even getting a chance to see them stalk some warthogs!  Our guide really went out of his way to teach us things, not just show us things.

When a male lion walked so close to our jeep I nearly needed to change my shorts.

I’ve been sure to tell everyone we’ve spoken to about the trip to contact African Safaris Consultants to make arrangements for their vacations as well.

Best regards,