Hi Ilze,

A spectacular trip indeed.

All top quality, with excellent staff, guides and game viewing.

Duba Plains Camp  5 star. 4 nights.

Beautiful location with massive areas for game viewing. Large numbers of animals. Superb accommodation. Very good cars.

Half empty during our stay, but empty, save us, on one night.

Selinda Camp  5 star. 2 nights.

Great  game viewing and lovely accommodation. Cars less good. Camp full.

Zarafa Camp   More than 5 star, if that’s possible. 1 night.

Aesthetically the best of the lot.

Very lucky to have superb game viewing in 24 hours of wild dog, hunt and kill, on the afternoon drive, and a cheetah pair, from start to finish hunt and kill, on the morning drive.

Very good cars.

Fantastic management staff and guide.

Empty camp, save us.

Okuti Camp  4 star but with a special amiability from the staff that made it a real standout. 3 nights.

Stunning singing, dancing and the best food of all camps. Really special considering it was the cheapest camp. The game viewing roadways are a complete dog, management needs to sort this out with government. The road puddles are very large and stink like sewerage.

Nevertheless the overall experience here was wonderful.

Okuti camp full.

Menzies concierge punctual and good.

Your organisation and service delivery was perfect at all levels Ilze..

Kind regards,