We arrived at Jamala without a glitch.

This being our 4th safari, I must say Jamala Madikwe is by far the best safari lodge we have been to. I could not have imagined a better lodge or one that could top all the other exquisite lodges we have been to. The intimate setting is fantastic. The villas are so wonderful, I don’t know how I will ever leave! The food is superb. Our first game drive we came upon 3 herds of elephants, so many herds of impalas that I lost count, a giraffe, kudu, a Steinbock, two males lions napping next to their partially eaten water buffalo, and to top it off we followed a leopard out in the open, hunting until it came upon a second water buffalo the lions had killed, we watched it feast in the dark for half an hour. All this on one game drive!

Thank you immensely for your wonderful advice! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!