Hi Camille,

The Jamala Madikwe that you chose for us is beyond description !!! The accommodations are out of this world & the staff, food & our ranger/tracker couldn’t be any better !!!?

We are almost sensory overloaded with the sheer number of animals we have seen in the last couple of days & we had taken in all the Big 5 in less than 24 hours … Amazing !!! We have guests at the waterhole day & night & dined last evening with 9 eles including a hilarious wee one !!?

I have attached a couple of shots of the experience we’re taking in & because the leopard pics are further away I left it out… We have also had the privilege of seeing the rare Wild African Dogs & an Aardvark, which Lazzi told us no one has seen in over 10 years !!? There was a lot of buzz about that encounter throughout the whole lodge ..

We are heading out to Addo tomorrow & we are looking forward to becoming comatose with an over abundance of elephants among other critters !!

We’ve decided to nominate you as “The World’s Best Travel Agent “ !!!! Thank you again & again for the incredible experience that you have put together for us !!??

Hugs from Madikwe