The trip was a once in a lifetime experience. If I recall correctly we had a brief conversation or email exchange in which we told you, in the best way we could (which I recall was not very articulate since we really had no idea what we could have!) what was important to us: small, relaxed accommodations; an active vacation; places who could accommodate our variety of food related concerns….I give you and A+ on having fulfilled our desires well beyond our ability to articulate them. (And we give our son an A+ for have put us in touch with you.)

Although the trip sounded complicated with a myriad of details that all needed to fall together perfectly- we were quickly able to relax and enjoy, feeling reassured that everybody would be in place to meet us and take us where we needed to go, that we would be well fed (despite the may issues that we came with). We had fun and were engaged in a variety of activities.

Each place we went was different from the previous one and equally as perfect in every way. Each guide was knowledgeable, engaging, adventurous and brought his own unique personality to us. The feeling of adventure and excitement was beyond our expectations. We felt safe. We came to understand what kind of “bush behavior” would keep us safe and maximize our experience. We learned so much…about each animal, who ate who, how it happened. We learned to recognize which tracks belonged to whom, and which direction they were walking in; and even who they might be tracking. We recognized whose poop we were looking at and from that, what they ate!

The Sable Alley Sky Bed experience was unforgettable. We were blessed with the perfect array of creatures who showed up at the pan. We watched a giraffe splay her legs to take a drink. We saw 11 Zebra follow each other also to the pan for a drink. When the sun set, the animals were completely camouflaged but we could see their reflections in the water! We woke up to see giraffes again and a pack of elephants.

We learned which behaviors indicated the mood an animal was in; How to act wisely to protect ourselves. We watched Mama’s with their babies, monkey’s preening each other, lions resting after eating up to 60 lbs of water buffalo flesh and rest while they digested-while they simultaneously defended the carcass against the hyena who wanted what they had killed.

You signed us up and we prepaid for special activities- a sunset cruise. In Mozambique we went dune boarding and on a sunset horseback ride. In Vic Falls we were above 5 full rainbows and saw the most amazing natural wonders.

We would recommend you to anybody and everybody who wanted to go on Safari in Africa.

Thank you for sharing you knowledge and experience with us.