Tanzania’s immense Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest nature reserves in the world – about three times larger than South Africa’s Kruger National Park – and is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the heart of the reserve is the scenic Rufiji River which forms a myriad of water channels and swamplands not unlike those in the Amazon. These sprawling wetlands are ever changing, with lakes and deltas, appearing and disappearing with the dictates of the seasons. The Rufiji River is widely regarded as east Africa’s greatest eco-system and attracts wildlife from all over the flat acacia woodlands which surround it.

The wooded river banks are home to plethora of bird species including the rare White-Backed Heron and Pel’s Fishing Owl. The Reserve is home to one of Africa’s biggest Hunting Dog populations and also contains a large number of buffalo, lion, hippo and crocodiles.

Visitors can explore the rich landscapes on safari drives in open top game vehicles, on foot to take in the detailed surrounds and the smaller creatures which inhabit it or with a leisurely boat cruise down the meandering river system with its nesting banks.

The northern part of Seleous covers only five percent of the reserves total area and is the only area which is closed to hunting as it is dedicated to photographic safaris. The southern Selous regions, below the Rafiji River, contain a number of ‘hunting blocks’. Virtually all of the small exclusive camps which we offer operate within the protected wilderness of the northern side as we do not condone or support hunting.


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The Retreat, situated in Northern Selous, is a luxurious 12-suite hideaway that offers guests complete seclusion in the heart of the African bush. The Selous Game Reserve is the largest protected wildlife sanctuary in Africa and is also known to be one of the “secrets of Africa”, boasting pristine wilderness and an utterly unspoiled environment. Read More