Most people, when conjuring up images of Africa, have the vast open tree-less grasslands of the Serengeti in their mind. This iconic African landscape has become famous over the years by amazing photography and one of the biggest wildlife spectacles on the planet, The Great Migration!

The highlight of any visit to the Serengeti, the Migration relies on the rains. The long rains and the short rains play a part, so is never something that can be exactly predicted. If you can time your holiday to the best migration months, it is a memory you will hold for a life time. Experts are on hand to advise if needed. The Serengeti is still a fabulous destination outside of the annual migration, the vast open plains making the wildlife so easy to spot.

The Serengeti combines well with Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara National Park. Add on Zanzibar and you have a great family, Safari and Beach holiday. Serengeti accommodation is wide-ranging. Ultra luxurious Safari options owned by Singita like Sasaskwa Lodge or Sabora Tented Camp, send you back in time with all the added luxuries. &Beyond operates Grumeti Serengeti Tented Camp where you can find yourself in the path of the Migration. Or try Klein’s Camp for a personal and intimate Safari experience. Under Canvas options will take you into the heart of the wilderness for a wildlife experience second to none.

Game viewing is the prime activity in this Serengeti National Park and with the introduction of Rhino, the Serengeti now boasts the Big 5. Drives are taken twice daily and many operators work in private concessions which means you are ensured of an exclusive experience in the endless plains. Chat to one of our consultants for a Serengeti circuit tailored especially to you!


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The remote Sayari Camp offers its guests an elegant camp in close proximity to the Mara River, a theatrical and at times devastating obstacle during the annual wildebeest migration. The seasonal camp is blessed with incredible views in a game rich area. Guests will enjoy the tranquility of the camp with its luxurious finishes, fine cuisine and African safari ambience. Read More

Situated in the northern part of the Serengeti National Park, the Seregeti Migration Camp is set amongst a rocky out crop featuring split level communal areas and tents with peripheral views. In close proximity to the passing annual wildebeest migration, the camp treats visitors to excellent game viewing and tailored game drives. Read More


Dunia Camp's prime position in the south-central Serengeti National Park allows guests prime access to the game laden plains and the annual wildebeest migration. This camp's rustic nature and secluded charm make it a favorite for African safari wildlife enthusiasts looking to split their time between abundant game viewing and peaceful relaxation. Read More

A comfortable and authentic mobile-tented camp following the Great Migration as it traverses the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Olakira Camp situates itself in the Southern Serengeti from December to March and in the north from June to December, anticipating the best game viewing in the Serengeti. Olakira's philosophy is to move wherever the action is and this adage lands guests in the thick of the Serengeti National Park's action. Read More


In true safari tradition, Lemala Mara Tented Camp follows the wildlife action to the immense wilderness of the Northern Serengeti between July and October, when this gorgeous camp is set up in the shade of large Euclea trees within touching distance of the Mara River, in the heart of the best game-viewing area of the Read More Read More

Set high in a saddle of an acacia tree-clad ridge with its distinctive round 'rondavel'-style roofs traditionally crafted in thatch, Serengeti Serena Lodge has been designed to blend in with its environment. Read More

A rustic safari lodge, Serengeti Sopa Lodge is set up on the Nyarboro Hills overlooking the endless game-filled vistas of Tanzania's Serengeti National Park, home to magnificent migrations that have criss-crossed these grassy plains for hundreds of years. Read More

Singita Sasakwa Camp's remote setting and inherently private nature offers guests absolute and unrivaled opulence. From the air-conditioned luxury cottages, infinity pools and equestrian pursuits to game drives, mountain biking and hot air balloon safaris, the Singtia Sasakwa Camp leaves its guests wanting for nothing as it sews English manor splendor with Africa safari adventure. Read More


What makes this camp unique is that it’s perfectly mobile so that it can easily relocate, depending on the movement of the migrating animals. Each of the 6 ‘pop-up’ tents is built on a totally mobile unit called the ‘Rover’, conceived and designed by the team at Roving Bushtops and built in Switzerland. The portability of the structure does not impede your luxury experience in any way. Read More

Decadence and colonial charm set in the African bush, Singita Sabora Tented Camp transports its guests back to a bygone era where tents richly decorated in mahogany and silk luxuriously enfold their residents in between game drives. The camp forms part of the annual wildebeest migration, placing guests in prime position to witness the grandeur of this event. Read More