The Kingdom of Swaziland is a small landlocked country almost completely surrounded by South African except for a small portion of Malawi to the east. Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy in Africa and is steeped in cultural traditions. Swaziland is famed for its cultural festivals bring the nation together through singing and dancing.

Although Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa there is still plenty to see and do especially in terms of wildlife. Top notch game reserves include the Mkhaya and Malolotja Nature Reserves and the country is defined by its rolling hills and mountainous vistas. Lobamba is the traditional and legislative capital of Swaziland and sits in the heart of Swaziland’s beautiful Royal Valley and houses the royal Embo State Palace, King Sobhuza II, the National Museum and other iconic sites. White water rafting down the Usutu River is a popular attraction and includes thrilling white water rapids (including the need to negotiate a 10m waterfall).

We do not have many itineraries that include Swaziland except for those who are arranging off-the-beaten-track self-drive trips Swaziland’s location between northern KwaZulu Natal and the Southern Kruger region makes it the ideal gateway between the two as well as between Maputo and Johannesburg. Swaziland offers many scenic drives through its hilly countryside and is littered with waterfalls and granite outcroppings. Travellers to the area can also the number of hot springs which can be found in the area – the perfect place to relax your muscles after a long hike throughout the areas beautiful valleys.


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