Ralph Bousfield and Catherine Raphaely founded the Uncharted Africa Safari Co. in 1993 in memory of Ralph’s legendary father, Jack. Determined to preserve the ideals and atmosphere of Jack’s original operations, Ralph and Catherine have created a safari experience that is truly ‘out there’ ! Besides the original Jack’s Camp, they built San Camp, Planet Baobab and Camp Kalahari, Uncharted Africa also run mobile tented expeditions and Bushman safaris in the Makgakidgadi Pans and the Kalahari Desert. Old Jack Bousfield would be happy to know that Uncharted Africa’s rustic camps in the middle of nowhere have not become flash bush hotels. Instead it is the close experience with nature that is a luxury these days. All of the Uncharted Africa camps have a completely unique and individual feeling. This originality has become an Uncharted Africa trademark and runs through the whole operation from the decor of the tents to the personality of your guide.

Excursions and safari expeditions on to the salt pans and into the Kalahari desert are fun, educational and unforgettable experiences. And there is always a sensitive approach to marginal environments and sensitive community issues. Special Interest expeditions take place depending on the season, often to areas that are closed to other operators. The most fascinating are a series of Bushman safaris, an unbelievable opportunity to witness a disappearing ritual like an initiation hunt.


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