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The magical tropical spice island of Zanzibar! An ideal addition to any Safari Holiday in Tanzania. A welcome easy getaway for families or ideal for a romantic break or honeymoon paradise! Zanzibar is located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania. There are numerous islands that make up the Archipelago but Zanzibar is the biggest and most widely used by visitors. Mafia Island, Pemba Island and Mnemba Island are becoming part of an adventurous travelers itinerary, but these islands are still relatively unknown.

Stonetown is a World Heritage Site and a wonderful maze of tiny alleyways, multiple colors, cultural interactions, cobbled streets, beautiful historical buildings, an explorer’s paradise. Stonetown is the gateway to the island. The Zanzibar airport is located here and many of the tours and activities on the island depart from here.

Zanzibar accommodation has something for everyone – Including those looking for that historical spice Island Sultan of Zanzibar experience.

For Zanzibar luxury tropical island paradise andBeyond operates a beautiful lodge on Mnemba Island. 10 simple palm fronted bandas offer an exclusive experience on this white sandy private island. Blue Bay Resort & Spa offer an ideal family getaway. With plenty of activities, a private beach and Indian Ocean access.

The ocean is peppered with traditional dhows and the beaches dotted with locals going about their daily routines. You can be a part of the Zanzibar action or enjoy the privacy of your retreat. Diving and snorkeling is an excellent activity and the Mnemba Atol provides some beautiful sites. There is nothing quite like sipping on your cocktail and watching the red Africa sun set on the horizon from the comfort of a local dhow. Zanzibar generally has a warm climate year round but for the best time to visit, chat to our consultants.


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