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  • Wilderness Air

    Most of the Wilderness Safaris camps are tucked away in very remote locations. Often the best way to get to these camps is by light aircraft. Flying over the red dunes of the Namib Desert or low over the Skeleton Coast is a visual feast. Access to most of the safari camps in the Okavango Delta is by light aircraft only and seeing animals from the air in the blue green wetland is an integral part of a Botswana safari.

    Wilderness Air operates a diverse fleet of aircraft all chosen for their suitability for flying guests into remote bush locations, often with small dirt airstrips. Aircraft are chosen depending on the group size and the location of the camp. They draw on a pool of highly experienced pilot-guides who are professionals and passionate about flying. They are generally excellent, personable guides too, willingly imparting information about the aircraft and the regions they are flying over.
    In addition, Wilderness Air now has an in-flight guide entertainment system in its Cessna Caravan fleet in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Making the flight more fun and informative for the passengers, the system's commentary includes the history of the country, its people, ecology and the economic climate.

    Our African Safari Consultants have been incredibly privileged to visit almost all of the Wilderness Safaris camps and are able to advise you on seasonality, accessibility, luxury levels, how to combine the different camps and eco-systems and get the most out of your African Safari.

    Cessna 206C

    Wilderness Air uses the C206 mainly in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. it is rugged and reliable and well suited to the shorter hops of the Okavango. The 206 is literally the workhorse of the delta, and does passenger inter camp transfers. It is also used for delivering all important freight supplies to remote, inacessible camps
    Engine Type:    Single engine piston
    Passengers:     5 passenger seats - maximum
    Crew:              1

    The Cessna 208B Caravan

    The Caravan has proven to be a fantastic passenger carrying bush aircraft for sectors of from 20 to 300 km. The aircraft is capable of taking off from nearly all bush airstrips we service. This is made possible by its large wheels, a very efficient wing and powerful engine.
    Engine type:    Single engine turbine
    Passengers:    12 passengers
    Crew:              1

    Pilatus PC12

    The main advantage of the PC 12 is its ability to take off from short remote bush airstrips. At the same time the aircraft has a high cruising speed at high altitudes. The aircraft also has the longest range of any aircraft in its class. All this makes getting between all Southern African destinations comfortable, quick, easy and uncomplicated.
    Engine type:        Single engine turbine
    Passengers:        8 passengers
    Crew:                 1

    Cessna 210

    Wilderness Air operates the C210 mainly in Namibia. The longer sector distances in Namibia necessitate a faster aircraft. Unlike the C206, the C210 does not have a cargo pod, so it does have a slightly smaller luggage capacity than the C206. The unobstructed view offered by the high wing configuration allows all passengers the best possible views below.
    Engine Type:    Single engine piston
    Passengers:     5 passengers
    Crew:               1
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