One of the most iconic safari destinations, it is probably safe to say that Kenya Safari options rank as the original African safari experience. With famous national parks like the Masai Mara, Amboseli and Samburu, a vibrant capital city like Nairobi, a white sandy beached coastline along the tropical Indian Ocean, Kenya Safari tours are one of the most visited African safari destinations. With wildlife spectacles like the Great Migration to the snow covered peaks of Africa’s second highest mountain Mt Kenya, the Big 5, amazing cultural interactions and classic Kilimanjaro views, Kenya has an amazing amount on offer.

We have compiled itineraries that incorporate these classic Kenyan safari highlights. Some of our favorite lodges and tented camps are based in Kenya. For an upmarket, exclusive authentic experience Cheli & Peacock operate some beautiful camps like Elsa’s Kopje in Meru, Joy’s Camp in Samburu or the well known Elephant Pepper Camp in the Mara. &Beyond manage Kichwa Tembo on the banks of the Mara River, the perfect location for the annual Great Migration.

Although the main attraction in Kenya is big game there is lots of cultural interaction. Diani Beach and the islands off the mainland offer magical beach getaways. Kenya is a classic destination and combines well with Tanzania or Gorilla Trekking in Uganda.


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Most famous for the greatest animal spectacle on earth - the annual wildebeest migration - Kenya’s Masai Mara surpasses all expectations or preconceived notions with its sheer, uncompromising grandeur. With endless plains, huge blue skies and one of the world’s richest wildlife populations, the Mara (as it is affectionately known) never ceases to amaze. Soak up some local culture with a visit to the indigenous Masaai tribe – equally as famous for their distinctive appearance as they are for their friendliness and welcoming spirit. Read More


Amboseli National Park is the second most visited Kenya safari park after the Masai Mara. Famed for the classic photographic image of elephants walking in front of snow capped Kilimanjaro, this is still one of the main attractions that the park holds and a big reason for its Kenya safari visitors. Mount Kilimanjaro is actually across the border in Tanzania. But Amboseli offers some of the best views of Africa's highest mountain. Read More


A large plateau made up of tribal lands and private conservancies, Laikipia is one of the few Kenya safari locations where wildlife numbers are actually increasing. Located on the equator in the Rift Valley Province most of the land is privately owned. Some great partnerships have been formed between the local communities and private Kenya safari owners and the area is firmly on the tourism map. Read More


Meru National Park is a wild and beautiful Kenya safari location. It is water rich with 13 rivers and numerous mountain fed streams. This makes the landscape quite different to many of the other drier Kenya safari destinations, the grasses are longer and the swamps denser. Wildlife is slightly more difficult to spot than at other Kenya safari park options but the added advantage of this park is that it is not as busy. Read More


Lake Naivasha and Nakuru form part of the Great Rift Valley Lakes. There are 4 of these alkaline lakes in the area. Due to the alkaline waters the lakes are a huge source of food for thousands of lesser and greater flamingoes that feed in the shallow waters. There are so many that sometimes it is all you can see so looks like the lakes are covered in a carpet of pink on your Kenya safari tour! Read More


Found in northern Kenya the Samburu Reserve is one of the lesser known Kenya safari locations. It is a little off the beaten track and not as busy as some of its more famous neighbors. The natural serenity found here owes itself to the inaccessibility the Samburu National Park has had for many years. Read More


Diani Beach is the perfect sea side haven to wind down and relax on the quite shores of the Indian Ocean after a dusty bumpy safari through one of Kenya’s national parks. This tropical retreat has the best beaches in Kenya and can compete with the tropical seashores found anywhere else in the world, while having the bonus of being within a short distance of truly African safari experiences Read More


Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. Located in central Kenya just south of the equator its highest peak is Batian at 5,199 meters (17,057 ft). Mount Kenya National Park protects the region surrounding the mountain and was established in 1949. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This area is of great tourism importance for the surrounding local communities. Read More


Nairobi is Kenya's capital city which historically and still to this day, is considered to be the international gateway hub to East Africa. More often than not, due to flight arrival times and logistics, travellers on an East Africa curcuit to Kenya and Tanzania will need to ovenight in Nairobi either on the way in or out of the National Parks and Game Reserves. It is a big, busy, vibrant city that never sleeps complete with skyscrapers and a bustling downtown where you'll have the opportunity to get an impression of life in modern urban Africa. Read More