Meru National Park is a wild and beautiful National Park. It is water rich with 13 rivers and numerous mountain fed streams. This makes the landscape quite different to many of the other drier parks, the grasses are longer and the swamps denser. Wildlife is slightly more difficult to spot but the added advantage of Meru National Park is that it is not as busy and well known as other National Parks in Kenya.

Meru National Park was home to Elsa the Lioness of Born Free fame. Raised by Joy Adamson and reintroduced into the wild, it is a story that has touched many hearts. Renowned for being one of the most elegant lodges in Africa Elsa’s Kopje has won the “Best Safari Property in Africa” Award. This spectacular Meru National Park setting gives you opportunity to get close to the endangered Black Rhino. You can also see elephant, leopard, cheetah and hippos. Over 300 species of birds have also been recorded. For those looking for off-the-beaten track luxury, this is your park!


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Elsa's Kopje is named after one of Africa's most famous cats, Elsa the lioness, who was hand-reared by naturalists George and Joy Adamson and became the first lioness ever to be successfully released back into the wild. The lodge is set just above the Adamsons' original campsite in Kenya's Meru National Park, where they taught Elsa to hunt and fend for herself in preparation for her reintegration into the African bush. Read More