The Republic of Malawi may be a landlocked country but you could be excused for mistaking it to be a coastal country given the dominance of the huge Lake Malawi which separates Malawi from Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. The lake, which is one of the deepest in the world, makes up three quarters of Malawi’s eastern side and creates a magical lakeside landscape with lush green forests and crystal clear warm water. The Great Rift Valley is another dominant geographical feature which runs through the country form the north to the south creating mountainous sections with the Zomba and Mulanje peaks being the two highest.

The nickname for Malawi is the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ and the lush surrounds make for a rural atmosphere with a relaxed way of life and friendly locals.

Lake Malawi National Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains an abundance of fauna and flora and is especially noteworthy as it contains a large amount of fish species which are endemic to the lake. These fish are as important to the study of evolution as the finches found on Galapagos Island. Habitat types in the park include sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, woodlands and wetlands.

Areas to the south of Lake Malawi are characterised by the rolling lands of the Shire Highlands. The country is characterised by an equatorial climate with vast tropical forests and prolific supply of bananas and paw paws which grow freely in many parts. Leisurely cruises along Lake Malawi are a highly recommended way to explore the country side.


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