The Kalahari Desert extends 900,000km in Southern Africa and covers much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa. The Kalahari Basin is said to extend further into Angola, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Kalahari has vast areas covered by red sand, is arid to semi-arid and mostly without any permanent surface water. There are some parts of the Kalahari however that do receive an annual rainfall, therefore making it not quite a “true” desert.

Over 10,000 years ago the Kalahari was a much wetter place and the area was dominated by the ancient Lake Makgadikgadi. Then 10,000 years ago, the final major water loss occurred and Lake Makgadikgadi dried up and the large salt pans of Makgadikgadi and Etosha evolved, and are what we see today.

With a number of game reserves falling into this vast area the flora and wildlife is unique. The Kalahari is also home to the Bushman and has been for 20,000 years. Some time spent with these remarkable people gives you some insights into how they survive in this unforgiving environment.

One of our preferred partners Wilderness Safaris operates the Kalahari Plains Camp in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. The area is known for its outstanding wildlife, vast herds of antelope followed by abundant predators. Here you get to feel the vastness of your location and experience that true African beauty.

Camps run in the Makgadikgadi Pans by Uncharted Africa provide you with a legendary experience! 10 luxury East African Safari style canvas tents, all en-suite with outdoor showers and Persian rugs, providing endless views into the rugged wilderness beyond is what makes Jacks Camp.

San Camp, one of the most romantic camps in Africa, sits serenely in a reef of palm from where you can see the curve of the earth. Camp Kalahari offers exhilarating horse safaris and all 3 camps offer experiences totally unique to the desert environment they operate in. Here you can lose your soul to Africa…


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The ultimate private sanctuary deep in the ‘green’ Kalahari of South Africa’s malaria-free Northern Cape, Tarkuni is a luxurious exclusive use lodge at Tswalu, the vast private game reserve of the Oppenheimer family. Their dedicated conservation programmes have created a pristine wilderness where many rare and endangered species flourish, including the black-maned lion, desert black rhino, aardvark and pangolin. Read More

Sublime luxury in an awe-inspiring landscape, Motswe Lodge at Tswalu offers the ultimate Kalahari safari experience. The Oppenheimer family’s dedicated conservation efforts have restored Tswalu’s 100,000 hectare expanse of wilderness to pristine beauty, supporting a diverse range of wildlife from the famous Kalahari black-maned lion to the aardwolf and pangolin. In South Africa’s malaria-free Northern Cape, it’s an easy flight in Tswalu’s luxurious Pilatus PC12 from Cape Town or Johannesburg. Read More

The vast Kalahari has a magic all of its own, which guests experience at the Deception Valley Lodge in Botswana. This family-owned lodge set in a 15,000 ha. private reserve bordering on the Central Kalahari Game Reserve makes a comfortable base to encounter the majestic black-maned Kalahari lion, to experience the culture of the original Read More Read More

Overlooking an immense pan in the middle of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kalahari Plains Camp offers excellent game viewing and the soul-stirring experience of endless horizons and huge African skies. One of Wilderness Safari’s Classic camps, it is recently refurbished providing comfortable tented suites, powered by solar electricity, and a swimming pool for cooling dips on hot summer afternoons. Read More


Vast skies and incredible views over the Tau Pan in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, make Kwando Tau Pan an ideal place to get right away from it all and appreciate the stark desert beauty of central Botswana. The first semi-permanent camp built inside the reserve, it is designed on environmentally sensitive principles and is 100% solar-operated, with a permanent waterhole that attracts lion, oryx and more for excellent game viewing from the camp Read More