andBeyond’s Savute Under Canvas, situated in the beautiful Savute region of the Chobe National Park, is a luxury tented safari camp that boasts a new level of comfort and style. While still blending into the natural environment as effortlessly as possible, Savute Under Canvas maintains an air of elegance with attention to detail in furnishings, facilities and even the delicious cuisine that is served up each day. As one of the most striking areas within Chobe Park, Savuti consists of huge expanses of open savannah, which brings a number of game such as elephant and buffalo and even lion right out into the open for excellent viewing opportunities.

Despite the arid nature of the area, game is fairly prolific, and as water is scarce in this dry region, waterholes offer the perfect spot to view the game that flocks to the water source each morning and evening.

andBeyond Savute Under Canvas consists of just six spacious tents, sleeping no more than 12 guests. Each tent is fully equipped with facilities such as en-suite bathrooms, comfortable beds, chairs and great views.  Facilities within the camp itself meanwhile include a lounge area, dining area, well-stocked bar and laundry service. Game that can be seen in the Savute area include large numbers of elephant and hippo, along with huge prides of lion, for which this region is known.  Daily activities at Savute Under Canvas include game drives, game cruises, fishing, birding cruises and cultural village visits.

As one of the top places to view big predators such as the large prides of lion that can be found across Savute Under Canvas, this luxury safari camp offers everything you could ever need to ensure a rewarding safari in Africa.


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