Hoanib Valley Camp is the latest addition to Natural Selection’s stable of luxury eco-friendly camps in Namibia. This rather romantic camp is secluded in the remote Kaokoland region of Namibia on the banks of the Obias River. As a joint venture between the local Sesfontien Community Conservancy and the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the resort promises exceptional luxury at no expense to the environment.

Here among the timeless dunes and towering crags of the desert, you will find just six guest suites centred around a communal dining area and lounge.

These splendidly eco-friendly suites are designed to mimic the flowing shapes of their environment and are crafted from local, sustainably sourced materials.

Inside you’ll find every luxury that the seasoned safari traveller could desire. High-quality linens, furniture carved by local craftsmen, and en-suite bathrooms with both indoor and outdoor showers ensure ultimate comfort in this rugged environment. Plus there’s a private, shaded deck, Wi-fi and a complimentary laundry service.

The main dining and lounge area continue the opulent theme with a tented as well as open-air seating area, a fully-stocked bar and a fire pit to add extra ambience in the evenings. The remote location and intimate design of Hoanib Valley Camp are perfect for a honeymoon.

Activities at Hoanib Valley Camp are centred on conservation. A day’s activities might include game drives in search of local species, rhino tracking or guided walks in nature. You will find many of Namibia’s desert-adapted animals in the area including elephant, black rhino and lions. Other interesting species to look out for are giraffe, oryx, zebra, kudu, klipspringer, springbok, Monteiro’s hornbills, Ruppell’s korhaans and Verreaux’s eagles.

Any visit is made extra special with a trip to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation’s field base, where you can get involved with some of the research activities and learn more about these graceful and threatened animals. Likewise, the local Herero people will enthral you with insights into their culture and way of life.

At Hoanib Valley Camp, the emphasis is on appreciating the amazing diversity of the Namibian landscape in an environmentally sustainable way, without sacrificing luxury and unique experiences. A percentage of each booking is paid towards the Giraffe Conservation Foundation as well as the monitoring of desert elephant and other indigenous game.

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