There aren’t many roads around this small and inviting bush camp, which means that walking safaris form the core of this magical enclave’s offering. The large lagoon adjacent to camp is packed with hippo and crocodile, and this permanent stretch of water also regularly welcomes wildlife that come to quench their thirst – much to the delight of guests staying at Luwi. Accommodation here comprises four grass-and-thatch huts, which feature the typical polished mud floors of Southern Africa, and thanks to this, Luwi is one of the most traditional camps in Luangwa. Natural vegetation was cleverly incorporated into the design, and the rustic charm also extends to the central area of the camp,

with its unmistakable bush ambience – and where the only bit with a roof is the bar. The rest of the main camp area is beautifully out in the open, making breakfasts and lunches a treat as they’re enjoyed in the shade of the trees. Dinners have their own touch of magic under a canopy of stars, and with the sounds of the wild providing the entertainment. Mornings at Luwi hold special appeal and typically, days start early around the campfire before guests set out on walking safaris. Some choose to walk to adjoining bush camps where their bags and hearty breakfasts would await them, while those returning to Luwi usually do so in time for a scrumptuous brunch.

During the heat of the day, animals and humans alike enjoy a bit of a siesta, but come late afternoon, it’s safari time again, and possibly also the best time of the day to photograph wild animals.

As one of the first remote safari bush camps to be launched in South Luangwa, Luwi offers one of the most authentic African bush experiences, as well as the real deal when it comes to walking safaris.



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