Saruni Samburu has four spacious villas. Two family villas, each with two separate bedrooms, and two smaller villas, ideal for couples on a romantic escape. All have panoramic views stretching as far as Mount Kenya. The Villas and swimming pool overlook a series of waterholes that attract a diversity of game. Included is the leopard, lion, cheetah and warthogs.

The elephants for which this safari region is celebrated, and the “Samburu Five”, endemic to Kenyas wild north – gerenuk (giraffe gazelle), Beisa oryx, reticulated giraffe, blue necked Somali ostrich and Grevys zebra. The area is also known for its prolific bird life, with roughly 350 species recorded.

Experienced rangers take visitors on game drives in Samburu Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and in the Kalama Conservancy itself. With options extending to morning, evening and night drives. Other activities include excursions to age-old Samburu rock art sites.

These offer insights into the traditional Samburu culture, a fascinating element of Kenyas untamed north that has remained almost unchanged for thousands of years. The Samburu are a semi-nomadic people who have retained their traditional way of life, still dressing in distinctive, brightly coloured clothing and living close to the land. They have a formidable knowledge of the flora and fauna and make expert safari guides and trackers.

Saruni Samburu has its own airstrip for chartered flights, making it very accessible for travellers. Alternatively, visitors can take scheduled flights to the nearby Buffalo Springs airstrip, from where transfers are available to the safari lodge.


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