African Safari Consultants
Passionate about travel in Africa, Vanessa spends her days brainstorming safari itineraries, checking out fabulous African destinations, connecting with travellers (past and present) and trawling the internet for travel news and views. She can’t wait for her baby daughter to be old enough to go on safari… and learn to love Africa, her wild places and wildlife.

Q&A with Liesl Matthews, Africa Travel Specialist

“…..As I sit here in the office planning people’s next safari trip, I am travelling vicariously in each itinerary. I am so ready to go exploring again, as long as its not my own backyard, I will go anywhere right now! “     Speciality Destinations : Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Read More

2021 travel Ideas

So much has changed in the way we work, interact, and play. How – and why – we travel has changed too. In 2020, we discovered amazing virtual travel experiences, wanderlusted after thousands of travel photos and videos, and pored over a global glut of online articles, blogs and research. It’s safe to say that travel, journeys Read More

Why now is the best time for East Africa

East Africa is considered one of the best destinations to travel to right now  –  Kenya and Tanzania have proven to be safe for international safari travellers and our partners and ground handlers have implemented the necessary health protocols for every point of your journey. With incredible wildlife, stunning scenery, fewer visitors and natural social Read More

10 Best Places To Experience In South Africa

We know that you are seeking open spaces and fresh air. With South Africa’s borders open for international travel we thought we’d showcase our selection of the top 10 luxury safari lodges in South Africa. Now, more than ever before, is the time to start planning a special trip somewhere life enhancing, meaningful and memorable. Read More

Why it’s safe to travel with us

So many people are keen, now more than ever, to book a trip somewhere life enhancing, meaningful and memorable.  Africa is on the top of best-places-to-travel-to-when-the-worst-of-Covid-is-over.  We know that travel will bounce back, and we are prepared.  So are our suppliers and ground handlers. Along with our safari partners on the ground in Africa, we’ve Read More

What makes us tick as a travel team

Our thoughts on travel at the moment… What is the defining factor in an ‘unforgettable journey’? We’ve discovered that, when all’s said and done, it’s people who make the difference. Our guests leave their homes and travel to Africa, wanting especially to connect with people and get to know and understand different cultures. Here in Africa, Read More

Financial Protection for Your Trip

Financially, AFRICAN SAFARI CONSULTANTS  has been operating in a strong and healthy capacity since the company was founded in 1997. To give our clients further peace of mind during these uncertain times we have set up a Protected Payment Solution so that payments are kept separate from the cashflow of our company’s daily operations. We have partnered Read More

South Africa WILL open for tourism this year

There has been a flurry of media reports saying that South Africa is only opening up to International travel in February 2021.  Please, dear past and future clients… this is not true!  Instead it is such irresponsible journalism (similar to much of the fake news lately) and as such is potentially so devastatingly damaging to Read More

These NGOs are close to our hearts and need your help

Africa is feeling vulnerable right now We are acutely aware that it’s the less fortunate in Africa’s informal settlements who can’t self isolate effectively who will suffer the most. Life is tough in most parts of Africa, and now more than ever, your help is needed. Past clients who’ve travelled to Africa with us would Read More

While we wait for the world to reopen

Slowly, our world will reconnect… In the meantime we’ve been forced to pause to consider many aspects of our lifestyles, relationships, values and wishes for a post Covid world. As travel planners who are passionate about making dream trips to Africa come true, we’re determined to remain positive, to be responsible, to work together with Read More