Serengeti Under Canvas is a mobile, tented camp that follows the annual Great Migration across the Serengeti National Park. This is luxury camping! At Serengeti Under Canvas you’ll be treated to fine dining, excellent service and luxurious accommodation on the edge of the Serengeti’s greatest spectacle.

The Great Annual Migration involves millions of herbivores and a hungry selection of predators. It is natures travelling circus on a gigantic scale. The herbivores following the rains, seeking the green nutritious grass, attract a gathering of predators, some lie in wait in the rivers, others on the plains. It is literally nature’s greatest show, full of drama, determination, tragedy and triumph at Serengeti Under Canvas.

Serengeti Under Canvas tracks this spectacle staying in each location for several months at a time until the Great Migration moves on.
arly morning and late afternoon game drives are richly rewarded with prolific wildlife, and guided nature walks as well as night game drives can be easily arranged by Serengeti Under Canvas. During your stay at Serengeti Under Canvas you’ll have the opportunity to visit local Masaai villages, where the local traditions and culture of these indigenous people can be experienced.

Each tent is serviced by its own, attentive butler, who will prepare hot water for your bucket shower, the same butler will look after you throughout your stay. Serengeti Under Canvas follows a style reminiscent of colonial camping with crystal glasses, chandeliers and silver service throughout your wildlife safari. Serengeti Under Canvas tent’s are elegantly furnished with en suite facilities and an outdoor, but private, bucket shower. Meals at Serengeti Under Canvas are of an excellent standard and presented in crystal and silverware.

Experiencing the Serengeti National Park like Serengeti Under Canvas places guests in the thick of Tanzania’s Serengeti Migration while retaining the luxurious aspects of a colonial safari from a bygone era.


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