Gather the girls and embark on the adventure of a lifetime

Share the thrill of exploring Africa’s incredible wilderness areas with your best girlfriends on a “girl power” safari! Spend much‐needed “we” time with your besties while having incredible wildlife encounters, enjoying amazing hospitality and no small amount of luxury and create lifetime memories in the process… What are you waiting for?


They’re your sounding boards, your confidants, the people you turn to for advice and the ones that just “get” you, no questions asked… For women there’s no underestimating the important role your best friends play, whether it’s just having someone to talk to at the end of a busy day, a different point of view on a problem that needs solving or an extra pair of helping hands when things get a little hectic.

Sometimes your besties are schoolfriends you’ve known since childhood, your sisters or “soul” sisters, othertimes they’re college roomies, work buddies or sisters‐in‐law. No matter who they are, it’s guaranteed they’ve been missing you thanks to COVID‐19 and the rigours of lockdown during the time of the global pandemic.

Now that travel is opening up, there’s no better time to corral the girlfriends together and plan a besties’ escape somewhere wild and off‐the‐beaten track, where the stresses and strains of everyday life can take a back seat to some good old‐fashioned fun and the opportunity to rebuild the bonds of the most important friendships in your life on a life‐changing adventure.

Get away together to celebrate a milestone event ‐ a major birthday or friendship anniversary for example ‐ or to remedy the fact that you haven’t spent quality time with one another for far too long. Or just because you can.

An African safari is the perfect way to get away… And when it comes to a girls’ safari, we’ve absolutely got you covered, answering all of the queries you might have about travelling to Africa at this time and sharing with you why an African safari is 100% good for you. There’s really no excuse. Your besties safari is waiting, all you have to do is get on a plane, or two!


It very much depends on your circle of friends, how many are keen to share this incredible experience with you and what kind of safari experience you’d prefer ‐ small and intimate lodges and camps with a more remote, exclusive feel or larger lodges in more mainstream safari destinations.

An ideal number is six as this means you’d all be together on the same open safari vehicle for game drives while observing COVID‐19 health and safety protocols. So think of your besties group in terms of how easy it is going to be to stick together at important times ‐ on activities, dining, relaxing and travelling.

It may also be possible to arrange for exclusive use of the smaller safari camps and lodges, meaning that you would be the only guests in camp for the duration of your stay. This gives you far more flexibility as a group and allows us to tailor your activities to suit the group dynamics. Many lodges and camps have exclusive‐use private villas or safari houses as well, giving you even more choice when it comes to accommodation options and group numbers.


Typically we’d recommend combining the best of a few different countries on your safari itinerary, but with the restrictions of travelling under the current

pandemic and the need for COVID‐19 PCR tests no older than 72 hours at most ports of entry, it’s probably practical to look at a safari within a single country. This is not a bad thing as most of the African countries we operate in offer a wonderful variety of safari experiences in vastly different and contrasting national parks and game reserves.

Here are some suggestions to get the travel juices flowing…

Kenya is a firm favorite and has implemented very good health and safety protocols which have seen a number of international visitors make the most of the lack of crowds in iconic wildlife destinations like the Masai Mara. You can also combine a widlife safari with a few days on one of Kenya’s idyllic beaches in some of its world‐class beach resorts.

South Africa’s Kruger National Park is the Rainbow Nation’s biggest safari drawcard and the Greater Kruger region of the country is packed with superlative private game reserves and a fantastic variety of top‐notch lodges and camps, all offering outstanding game viewing and Big Five wildlife encounters at close quarters. You can easily combine a safari with a visit to Cape Town and the Winelands! Top it off with a stay at our favorite beach lodge ‐ Lekkerwater Beach Lodge in the breathtakingly beautiful De Hoop Nature Reserve.

Botswana remains one of Africa’s most iconic safari destinations and offers incredible game viewing all year round as well as some of the most pristine wilderness areas on the continent. Top of the list is the Okavango Delta, where the lush channels and lagoons and permanent islands of this amazing wetland region are filled with some of the highest concentrations of game in Africa. Or consider the other‐wordly beauty of the Makgadikgadi Pans whose vast landscapes seem to stretch forever…


Get together over a few bottles of wine and get a show of hands of who’s going to join you on your besties safari. Then it’s a case of getting in touch and letting us put together the perfect safari itinerary for you and your girlfriends. It’s as easy as that!

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