We’re thrilled that travellers are trickling back to Africa!

We asked our top travel advisors their views on post-Covid travel trends, how they’re handling the challenges of postponed trips and what gets them excited when a new request lands in their inbox.

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“I’m looking forward to hosting you on the southern tip of Africa”

Q&A with Liesl Matthews


“I’m all for creating unqiue experiences that you and your family will talk about for years to come”

Q&A with Lise Kargaard


“There are so many ways to contribute to conservation and impact communities.”

Q&A with Camille Rowe


“I’m lucky to have travelled to so many destinations and love sharing my indepth knowledge of Africa with my clients”

Q&A with Ilze Fox

“I’m totally obsessed with details. I make it my mission to make sure every logistic is perfect so that my clients have a sseamless and stress-free trip”

Q&A with Daisy du Plessis


Everyone is talking about ‘green shoots’ in our precious world of travel. We’ve taken a knock, we’ve learnt alot, and thanks to strong relationships, determination and passion for what we do we’re ready to facilitate incredible journeys again.