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Photo of the Week: Wildebeest Migration First Hand

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A reminder that the migration is in full swing at the moment in East Africa.  We received an update this week from one of our partners Asilia who operate luxury camps in the area.  Have a read as to what they are currently seeing: “This week has been fantastic as we had a chance to Read More

One of Africa’s deadliest mammals – the hippo!

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Learn about this African safari icon There was a bit of focus on the Hippo last week – with Lise’s visit to Hippo Hollow and then also finding out about the almost human hippo, Jessica.  I thought it might be worthwhile to delve a bit into these huge animals and see what interesting things I Read More

Photo of the Week: Tame Hippos on Safari

hippos, jessica the hippo, lise, south africa

A must before your Safari If you haven’t yet heard the remarkable story of Jessica the Hippo – then you are missing out!  A visit to her sanctuary is a must if you find yourself with some time before your Kruger Safari begins and you are staying in the Hoedspruit area.  Have a look at Read More

Can we do more for our wildlife?

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Wildlife news and conservation stories are hot in the press at the moment.  With the recent  exposure of a Rhino poaching syndicate; the talk of Elephant hunting in East Africa; the sad poisoning of the Hoaruseb pride of Lions in Namibia; the burning of illegal Ivory by Kenya’s President with a street value of $100 Read More

Photo of the Week – Elephants in Amboseli

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This series of photos was taken in Amboseli Reserve by Liesl who has recently been on a safari trip to Kenya.  Such fabulous shots of the herd going by and the huge male following in the distance – one of the greatest of the Big 5! Did you know that like humans are typically right or left handed, Read More

Swimming with Dolphins

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With the continuing summer weather in the Western Cape I am inspired to keep going with awesome Ocean adventures!  Again, I am taking to the shores of Mozambique and I am adding to it the shores of Zanzibar.  Set deep in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean both these destinations have a fantastic array Read More

Photo of the Week: Sunset on Safari

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  I am so thrilled – I am up in the highveld again and about to head off on Safari.  It has been a while since I have been and it always evokes a sense of excitement.  No safari is ever the same, you never know what you are going to come across in the Read More

Massive Whale Sharks – Mozambique

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With that feeling of summer in the air – (normally Cape Town winters are wet and grey, so all this sunshine is totally unusual) – I can’t get away from the water!  Mozambique has also been in the news a bit this week with President Armando Guebuza reflecting on the role of tourism in eliminating Read More