With the continuing summer weather in the Western Cape I am inspired to keep going with awesome Ocean adventures!  Again, I am taking to the shores of Mozambique and I am adding to it the shores of Zanzibar.  Set deep in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean both these destinations have a fantastic array of activities…..if you are not someone who likes to laze about on the beach.

I thought I would focus on something really special though – swimming with dolphins!  How many out there have had this unique encounter?  Both Mozambique and Zanzibar are such superb destinations for this activity because the water is so lovely and warm, you can spend hours swimming, and you don’t even need wetsuits.  The visibility is good as the water is crystal clear, and all the sunshine from above helps too!

In Southern Mozambique there is a tiny spot called Ponte Mamoli where you can go for some perfect rest and relaxation.  The lodge has recently been revamped and offers an exclusive, barefoot luxury experience on its own long stretch of unpopulated beach.

Mozambique Coastline

Any interactions with wildlife need to be closely monitored and there should be strict rules and guidelines in place whether on land or in water.  When snorkeling with dolphins, we went out early each morning on the boat to find them.  It was not a guaranteed find but more like a chance encounter.  When we did find them, we had to enter the water slowly, no jumping in with big splashes.  And wow – it is another world down there.  I have often seen dolphins from the shore or from a boat, but actually being in the deep blue ocean with them is something completely out of the ordinary!  They are so graceful, majestic, friendly and playful.  They’re swift, curious and beautiful.  And with one quick flick of their tail fin, they are gone and you have absolutely no chance what so ever of catching them again……

Zanzibar has been doing these dolphin excursions for years.  Normally done in the south, you can book it from any of the operators there, or you can organize it through your hotel.  For a more personal approach, you can also contact us and we can help put the dream together!