We have stressed this before but it is super when we get feedback from our clients.  It really helps us to know that the trips we put together have been properly tailored to their best interests.  Have a read below for some feedback on our services and also some great feedback on particular camps too.


Thanks for checking on us.  Now that we’ve semi-recovered from the 35-hour trip home, we’re starting to feel normal again.  We loved the trip!  Every camp was different, and we were so happy that they came in the order you chose:

Ilkeliani was the best for seeing animals up close.  We had a wonderful guide, who really knew what he was doing.  And since nearly everyone there was a Masa warrior, we felt like we were really in the real Africa.  They taught us so much about their culture, and lives.  And everyone was SO friendly.

The Ngorongoro Camp was a slight bit higher quality — with wood floors, really good food, etc.  But if we were doing it again, this is the camp we’d probably leave out.  It took so long to get there and the guides weren’t allowed to get off the roads in Tanzania so we didn’t really see all that many animals.  And we froze to death!  I’d taken a sweatshirt and warm jacket, and ended up wearing them from morning to night.  Thank goodness for their heaters in the room, and the wonderful hot water bottles in the bed!

So we were looking forward to the warmer climate in the Serengeti.  And what a present you gave us by moving us to the Migration Camp!  It was absolutely gorgeous… almost impossible to believe we were actually in tents.  And the hosts were SO gracious, making us feel welcome.  Every night the resident hippos would serenade us as we slept.  And the last morning after breakfast, I nearly ran into a giraffe who was grazing right beside the path!

And speaking of Giraffes — Giraffe Manor was a wonderful experience!  Every single person who works there made us feel like we were the most important people they’d ever had there (making us wonder if it’s the Kenyans who are friendlier than the Tanzanians??).  And it was obvious how much they love working there.  The hotel and food were absolutely top of the line.  And the giraffe experience was simply indescribable.  I can’t tell you how much we loved it.

From Montana's Album

In the whole trip, there were only 2 things that were less-than-perfect.

You’d told us we were responsible for the park fees at the Masai Mara, but we hadn’t prepared for them being $240.  So we were a little shocked, and then concerned that we wouldn’t have enough cash with us.  (Travelers checks were not accepted anywhere on the trip, so you might want to let people know that.)  As it turned out, we were lucky enough to find some hot air balloonists at Ilkeliani who were willing to buy some of our travelers checks.

We missed the migration crossing the rivers.  We weren’t sure if you interpreted what we wanted as the GATHERING of the animals — which we saw a lot of! — instead of the actual crossing, or if the timing was just off.  We know the animals travel according to their own calendar, and not ours, and it had been wetter so the grasses in the Serengeti were still green.  So even though Tommy was disappointed at missing that, everything else made up for it.

So, thank you, thank you for a trip of a lifetime.  We will never forget it.  And, although we likely won’t make another trip to Africa, you can be sure we’ll recommend you to anyone who thinks about a safari.  You’ve been absolutely wonderful.    Montana

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Montana & Tom on their African Safari