….”I think travellers will rely on travel experts more, since one has to navigate constantly change requirements for every country, plus we have contacts with various suppliers, when we need assistance with changes or travel issues…”



Speciality Destinations : Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda

Speciality Travel Categories : Family Travel, Small Special Interest Groups, Multi-generational Families, Out-Of-The-Ordinary Travel, VIP Travel Facilitation, Fly-In Safaris, Photographic Travel, Wine, Food, Art, Adventure, Private Villas, Walking Safaris, Gorilla Trekking,  Honeymoons, Community Impact Travel, Conservation Safaris






What do you love most about being a travel specialist?  

I love making people’s dreams come true! I like to refer to our role as ‘dream makers’, because we are either assisting someone with their momentous honeymoon, their once-in-a-life time Africa trip experience for which they’ve saved up for so long, or bringing families together on multi-generational family vacations.

What changes has Covid made to your role as a travel specialist? 

I think travellers will rely on travel specialists more and more, especially a one has to constantly navigate each country’s updated travel requirements. Also, we have strong relationships with the various suppliers, in the event that we need assistance with changes or travel issues, whereas travellers who make all their own bookings, do not have these resources.

What travel trends are you seeing ?

We are seeing an uptick in multi-generation family travel, those wanting to explore only one country to avoid traveling to too many countries in one itinerary as well as those who want to stay longer and really immerse themselves in one region.

As travel resumes, where are your clients wanting to go to and what are their requirements? 

My clients either want to explore one country completely and submerge themselves into what the country has to offer or they are keen to combine countries, in order to explore a variety of destinations. I’ve found there are currently two types of travellers reaching out to us – those who are wanting to test the waters by requesting quotes, in order to see what prices are looking like and how their travel will work logistically and then those who are ready and eager to travel, either in 2021 or 2022.

Covid has been like a wrecking ball for travel we know. However, perhaps you have an uplifting learning to share?  

The positive of Covid for me, is how various people and establishments in travel have come together to support one another, as well as their communities, ranging from selfless acts of assisting others in need even when they themselves are in a tight spot financially.

Tell us about your most memorable safari? 

Every safari is so special with such priceless memories, and so its always hard to pinpoint just one, but I have to say… my highlights are seeing a whale shark while diving in Mozambique and getting up close to the gorillas in Uganda.

Where are you planning to travel next?   

I will be traveling to Tanzania in November! I’lll be visiting some safari lodges and camps and hopefully get to experience some of the great Wildebeest Migration!

What was your first post-lockdown local travel experience? 

Our first proper local travel experience was up the West Coast, approx. 2 hours’ drive north of Cape Town, where we spent a couple of nights on the Langebaan lagoon and visited the West Coast National Park and the West Coast Fossil Park.

What is your most high-stress experience as a travel consultant?

Having to make sure that all the services on guests’ itineraries are correctly booked in order for them to have a seamless, stress-free vacation.

Which African animal do you relate to?

I don’t just have one animal I relate to, as it is a combination of the gentle giant elephant and the elusive leopard.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you be doing? 

I would’ve been in the medical field, helping people.


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