The sleeping giant of Southern Africa, Namibia is beginning to enjoy a resurgence in tourism thanks in part to it’s diversity, relative inexpensiveness and good infrastructure. From the colonial charm of Swakopmund, to the vast expanse of the Namib, to the abundance of game in Etosha, Namibia offers something for everyone. These are the top five things to do in Southern Namibia, according to Africa Geographic.

1.Fish River Canyon

The second largest canyon in the world, after America’s Grand Canyon, the Fish River Canyon offers a uniquely African experience in the middle of nowhere. Peace and tranquility are the order of the day as the unique faun and flora of the region encompass the lucky visitor. Stargazing is amongst the best in Africa, with zero ‘light pollution’ to speak of. Truly a relaxing, contemplative destination.

Gondwana Canon Lodge by Sean Messham.

2. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

The long deserted mining town of Kolmanskop offers aspiring photographers great photo opportunities, with the dilapidated buildings contrasting magnificently with the sweeping Namib desert.

Kolmanskop by Sean Messham.

3. Sossusvlei 

Out in the Nambi Desert there is a sand dune of such epic proportions, that it has come to be known as ‘Big Daddy’. The view from atop the largest dune in the area is quite spectacular, offering 360 degree views of the Sossusvlei region. The climb to the top is a little steep, so make sure that you have your liquid refreshments handy.

Big Daddy by Sean Messham.

4. Klein Aus Vista

The Aus mountains are well worth a visit, purely to observe the countless Gemsbok grazing on the plains under the watch of the purple hued mountains. Sublimely relaxing!

Aus Mountains by Sean Messham.

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