African safari pro Kyle de Nobrega, a field guide, naturalist and Capetonian, is constantly on the hunt for knowledge and adventure. Currently at Tswalu in the Kalahari, Kyle was recently able to view his first meerkat pup sighting and fortunately for us, he has shared his experience through his camera!

Here are just a few of his magical snaps, be sure to check out his website for his thoughts and more!

(all photo credits to Kyle de Nobrega)

the-lesson-kyle-de-nobrega the-pups-exploration-klye-de-nobrega backlit-pups-kyle-de-nobrega play-time-kyle-de-nobrega the-babysitter-kyle-de-nobrega backlit-lookout-kyle-de-nobrega

Our own Jeff Ward knows a thing or two about meerkats in the Kalahari as well, so contact us if you think these little guys should be a part of your next African safari tour!