April’s downpour of showers was much welcomed by African Safari guests in Laikipia, Kenya. The long rains have brought a stunning emerald green expanse of grass, which naturally meant an influx of wildlife to the region.

With an increase in both game and bird life over recent weeks, the staff at Loisaba Wilderness have enjoyed regular sightings of a large male leopard and the occasional pack of wild dogs. Even lions, which can sometimes be elusive to see, can often at least be heard roaring during many evenings. There is also a new addition to the family at Loisaba in the form of an orphaned gazelle, found by their neighbors and entrusted to them to care for and raise!

For those that also have Meru National Park on their East Africa checklist, Elsa’s Kopje is sure to be a great choice. World-renowned and award-winning, it just hosted British celebrity Peter Andre and will be featured in his new show “On Safari with Peter Andre” on ITV2 (UK) in an upcoming episode.



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