The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) was created by the United Nations in 1946 to provide much needed supplies to children around the world who were afflicted by the devastation of World War 2. Today, UNICEF has National Committees in 36 countries and offices in over 190 with volunteers working tirelessly to provide food, education and healthcare to children who need it most. It’s an invaluable organisation and one that has bettered the lives of countless children the world over who have found themselves in dire circumstances due to war, disease, famine and neglect. Simply put, it’s an organisation worth supporting.

The Audrey Hepburn Society – a UNICEF initiative inspired by the legendary actress’s humanitarian endeavours – was established to recognise supporters who donate more than $10 000 annually to the Fund. Drawing on Hepburn’s five years of selfless service from 1988 until her death in 1993, the Society offers the opportunity to connect with fellow donors and participate in UNICEF’s work through volunteer gatherings, program events, special communications, and in-the-field experiences. This year, the Audrey Hepburn Society is proud to present the inaugural Audrey Hepburn Society Ball of which African Safari Consultants is delighted to be a part.

Taking place in Houston, Texas, at 19.00 on Friday the 6th of September 2013, the ball will honour the first United States recipient of the Philanthropist of the Year Award, Margaret Alek Williams, for her extraordinary dedication to the health and welfare of the children in her community and abroad. African Safari Consultants

You can find out more about the Audrey Hepburn Society Ball here.