Africa is a beautiful continent with countless photographic opportunities almost everywhere you turn. It’s for this reason that we’re pleased to announce we’ve joined the hugely popular photo sharing app Instagram, under the username AfricanSafariGuru. Now we’ll be sharing all our exciting bush moments as they happen, then and there. Our team of safari gurus will not only bring you closer to the wildlife, but they’ll also be sharing their experiences and (previously) undiscovered gems with you too.

We’re not done yet though – there have been exciting Instagram related developments on our Facebook Page too! We’ve now added an Instagram tab that will show any image tagged with our unique hashtag, #ASCSafari. This means that you – the intrepid explorer/safari photographer – will also be able to share your ASC Safari moments with our community just by tagging your image with #ASCSafari. We’ll be featuring our favourites in the near future and they’ll be eligible for some great prizes, so get tagging.

The Instagram tab on our Facebook Page
The Instagram tab on our Facebook Page

We hope that you enjoy this new way of interacting with us and we look forward to seeing all your incredible African safari photographs! Follow us at AfricanSafariGuru and let’s get gramming…

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Botswana’s Okavango Delta