Botswana is undergoing a tourism renaissance of sorts at the moment, with the country enjoying its most popular spell in decades.  In this post, we’ll attempt to explore a few of the reasons for this success and try to understand just what it is that’s convincing more and more people to travel to one of our all-time favourite destinations.

Botswana is not defined by its various tribes; rather it is defined by its success in creating a fully functioning economy and peaceful, economically and politically democratic society post independence. These factors, coupled with the Batswana’s (people of Botswana) culture of respect, has contributed to Botswana’s “safe country to visit” reputation for foreign travellers.

A greater differentiating factor for Botswana from a tourism perspective is the foresight of government officials to protect and conserve the abundant natural resources of Botswana, through an innovative (and very long-standing) tourism policy and best practices focused on environmental sustainability. Botswana’s national eco-tourism policy has been in place since 2002 – long before it was fashionable to have one.

Sunset over the Okavango Delta.
Sunset over the Okavango Delta.

The government’s tourism policy is fully embraced by Botswana’s tourism industry (private sector), who are dedicated partners through public-private partnership programs, as well as independent private sector contributors to nature/wildlife conservation and eco-tourism (responsible/sustainable tourism) practices that benefit the local economies. Somewhat hard to describe, it’s almost like responsible tourism practices are the DNA of the industry.

Safari experiences in Botswana feel different and special because of the diversity of wildlife all year round. Botswana has one of the richest wildlife densities in Africa and is particularly well-known for it’s large elephant, lion and wild god populations. With 38% of Botswana carrying ‘Protected Land’ status, there is an abundance of remote, pristine wilderness areas to explore. Accommodation is plentiful, world-class and varied, with most lodges built using sustainable practices.

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The banks of the Okavango.
The banks of the Okavango.

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